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What you measure improves and this set of questions is designed to score you on the 7 drivers of profit and value described in the book Cashed Up.  It gives you a customised report and access to training videos so you can speed up your progress.


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7 Step Method

Based on the best selling book 'Cashed Up - the 7 step method to pull more money, time and happiness from your business,’ written by the founders of the award winning accounting firm Inspire™, the Scorecard has become a trusted tool for helping small business owners escape a cash crisis forever.

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Cut Your Tax

It’s almost impossible to get Cashed Up when you’re giving half your profits to the tax man. Having a proactive accountant who can help you implement deliver cutting edge tax strategies will ensure you pay the least amount of tax legally possible.

Capture Your Profit

In a world where we spend what we earn, protecting your profit is essential. If you don’t have a profit improvement plan, regardless of how much money you earn, you will always struggle.

Control Your Cash

Simply growing your business is no longer enough, if you want to escape the cash crisis permanently. You need to get paid faster and be in control. In a time when “Cash is King”, are you ruling it or is cash ruling you?

Check Your Numbers

Business owners who know their numbers have a tremendous advantage over those who do not. Your financials tell a story - and understanding the story behind your numbers can be one of the most important ingredients for long-term success.


Cover Your Assets

Operating your business through trusts and companies is the easiest way to stop giving half your profit to the tax man and start protecting your house, car and livelihood. Businesses with the right structure and strategy keep more of their hard earned cash.

Crank Your Business Value

Most business owners actually own a job not a business. Once you have an idea for what your business is really worth and you understand how to increase that valuation, making more profit becomes easy.

Create Your Lifestyle

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. Work a few days a week, take regular family holidays and give to worthy causes, all while knowing your cash machine is building a beautiful future.




Inspire is on a mission to become Australia’s Most Impactful Accounting firm.

Well known for proactively saving their 6 & 7 figure business clients over $10M+ in tax and giving 10+ million days of life changing help to end extreme global poverty to families in need, across 16 countries. 


  • Authors of CASHED UP, 7 steps to pull more money, time and happiness from your business.
  • Winners Top 100 Companies in Australia (2017 & 2018).
  • Accountants for Good - for every dollar of tax saved, Inspire gives a days access to food, water, health and sanitation to help end global poverty.  
  • Trusted advisors to hundreds of 6 & 7 figure businesses owners across Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne.