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Accessing The 50% Wage Subsidy For Eligible Employees - Closes Early 2022

Zoom Webinar - Free Event

Friday 3 December at 10am (AEST) 1HR

Webinar landing page (22)


Cryptocurrency Tax Masterclass

Zoom Webinar - Free Event

Wednesday 8 December at 12pm (AEST) 1HR

We’ll be hosting a web masterclass, that covers different types of crypto investing:

⭐ HODLing (long term holding)
⭐ Mining cryptocurrencies
⭐ Day trading crypto


I’ll also be joined by Josh Lehman, co-founder of Australian based cryptocurrency exchange, Digital Surge, who will be walking us through:

⭐ How to get compliant reporting for ATO purposes for your crypto activities’
⭐ The different types of business structures you can use
⭐ Walk you through the options for cryptocurrency exchanges



Brisbane Workshop & Zoom Meeting Workshop - Free Event

Are you ready to create true Wealth For Life? 

Exclusive 3 hours Wealth Building Workshop with Ben Walker. Learn the strategies to build your families wealth.